Nuclear Services

We have over 10 years expertise in producing Engineering Change Packages (ECP) for nuclear power plants. Our main focus is Seismic Analysis of both safety-related and non-safety related structures, systems and components. We start from site response characterization, seismic source characterization and ground motion characterization using Senior Seismic Hazard Analysis Committee (SSHAC) methodology.


Then we calculate the floor response spectra using state of the art Seismic-Soil-Structure Interaction analysis software. We have expertise in 3-D Modelling of the buildings to capture the true behavior of the building, eliminating the inherent conservatisms of “stick” models. Our analyses are able to capture local modes of vibration that are otherwise neglected by more conventional analyses.
We can perform both deterministic analyses probabilistic analyses of the structures, systems and components. We evaluate seismic fragilities for new Probabilistic Risk Assessment analyses or maintain and update existing fragility calculations when there are modifications or degraded conditions.